Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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To grow, businesses in Nigeria, or Africa, need market and business intelligence that can only come from environments that are conducive to consume such, which before Cabanga Media Group, was impossible. From its founding in 2019, Cabanga Media Group has built a business ecosystem using media and web technology, for its customers and readers, in eight Africa countries. 

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Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa, is fast growing economy, according to the World Bank, has a GDP that rose from US$376 Billion in 2017 to US$448 Billion in 2019. Starting a business in Nigeria is a very lucrative and commendable for those with interest in the West African markets.

(Cabanga Magazine) - Patrice Motsepe is a story of when someone pays attention to the needs of the people, they are able to see opportunities; that is what he did in the 1970s as a teenage boy. 

When a black man crosses millions, many are not sure how he did it, and worse for one that crosses billions; there is a defacto assumption of corruption. Stop; can we not just look at a beautiful story of tact, discipline, vision and consistency, even within the black race? We can!

Cabanga Media Group publishes of thoughtful economic and business commentary magazines and online media, in several African markets, that include South Africa, Botswana, East Africa Community, Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, and Zambia.