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Great Foreign Exchange Services in South Africa

As West Africans travel across Africa, especially South Africa, they need good foreign exchange services and rates that are affordable for both business and personal travel. In South Africa, Forex World is such a business that can deliver such services and rates.

Forex World is an authorized dealer in foreign exchange with limited authority from the South African Reserve Bank. Registered as Forex World (Pty) Limited, it is a member of the Money Group – a South African holding company, offering conventional and innovative financial products and services, locally and internationality. 

Money Group has a global presence in South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Mozambique, Angola, and Zambia.

Through its companies, Money Group offers a full range of short-term financial solutions through its constituent companies, ranging from micro collateral lending to individuals to asset-based lending to listed companies. The spectrum of companies and the products they offer are designed to offer financing products to customers of all sizes with varying circumstances and requirements, tailor made to their needs where required.

Forex World corporate office is based in Sandton, with a branch network that allows it to support customers in and around the major cities of South Africa. Forex World are currently extending the cross-country impression into Durban and other key areas. Thusly they would help and access arrive at numerous customers cross country since its fundamental point is to offer quality administrations to customers foreign exchange needs. 

Forex World offers exchange services to more than 20 of the world most utilized currencies; done to ensure that travellers and organisations are all around dealt with, gaining admittance to numerous monetary forms as conceivable at one spot as opposed to having a customer moving starting with one spot then onto the next searching for a specific cash. 

Forex World has customers on a basic level since its vision is to be the favoured unfamiliar cash trade arrangements supplier in South Africa, adjusting corporate, little to medium size undertakings, retailers just as the bigger worldwide organizations and government foundations, NGO's and travellers and the mission is try to consistently follow through on guarantees, ensuring the best trade rates conceivable to customers and guaranteeing that all partners, regardless of how extraordinary or little, advantage from their prevalent assistance guidelines. 

Among the variety of numerous items, Forex World likewise offers an Omnibus Facility and Business Travel stipend items. This arrives in a circumstance whereby an organisation has numerous delegates much of the time voyaging abroad; the acquisition of unfamiliar cash will in general turn into a task in itself. Forex World is allowed to endorse application for Omnibus Facilities up to R20 million each schedule year for distribution at the watchfulness of the organization in regard of quite a few excursions for work abroad by at least one voyager. Such characteristics are uncommon to discover in a forex exchange organisation which makes Forex World outstanding. 

Forex World assist customers with making arrangements ahead of time, clients can prepay for their convenience and related travel expenses over 60 days before date of flight. This is profoundly valuable in arranging of excursions and overseeing consumption as you choose when you are prepared to make instalments for your costs abroad. In the present circumstance customers will have their schedules state-of-the-art; Forex World draws out the best in business. 

The world is digitalised and Forex World has thought about that; it additionally gives transmitted exchanges, which is the customary method of sending or getting unfamiliar cash and is on occasion alluded to as wire moves. Transmitted Transfers are a detectable, dependable approach to move reserves universally and take between 24 hour and 72 hours to clear reflect in the beneficiary's financial balance. 

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