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Evertol Associates: Start and Grow a Business in South Africa

Start and grow a business in South Africa through the business and accounting solutions provided by Evertol Associates.

South Africa is the largest exporter market for consumer goods in Africa, and most luxury goods and services; therefore, a must invest for the African business owner.

Whether local, or foreigner, starting and running a business in South Africa can be very overwhelming, requiring guidance and business strategy that can be executed before, during and after start-up. With the consulting and accounting services provided by Evertol Associates, you can register and grow a business in South Africa.

Evertol Associates offer start-up strategy and operational advisory services for those starting a business. Starting a business may be complex and costly, but Evertol Associates come to the advisory rescue of start-up entrepreneurs to assist in planning and implementing all things required at start-up.

According to Quartz (QZ) Magazine, many African tech start-ups also end up using companies outside the continent to manage the technical aspects of their projects. Sometimes that leads to successful products, but it can also result in failure and exploitation because outside firms are often more interested in making money than helping a start-up grow.

Evertol Associates are in the business of providing global and local advice for start-ups that helps in navigating the highway of starting and growing a business in South Africa. Evertol Associates advise from practical experiences acquired over years in diverse industries.

Evertol Associates offers bookkeeping and accounting services to ensure the daily, weekly, and monthly financial activities are recorded for financial management and compliance purposes. Evertol Associates provides bookkeeping services to make sure financial information is gathered and recorded accurately.

Bookkeeping is the basis for accounting as it contains the proper records of all financial transactions whereas, accounting involves organising, summarising, classification and reporting financial transactions. Bookkeeping acts as a source of all the financial transactions of a business since it records all the financial transactions from the source of the transaction, like receipts, invoices, payment notes, etc. The accounts are prepared from the information provided by bookkeeping. A strong relationship between these two functions is necessary to take the business to the next level.

Evertol Associates bookkeeping services include Recording financial transactions, posting credits and debits, producing invoices, Maintaining, and balancing current account and general ledgers, Completing payroll, and more.

Start-Up valuation is in two parts - first before the business starts, and then when the business has started running for a short period.

Evertol Associates assists entrepreneurs in both situations.

In the first part of start-up, when someone wants to start a business, often they do not have immediate cash, and assume they do not have assets to use for raising capital. In other cases, they may have cash, and the assets, but assume they need more to effectively start their business.

Evertol Associates steps into start-up situations with valuation services that help the entrepreneur know their assets and liabilities, to create a start-up balance sheet to help in raising capital or leveraging what they already have.
In the second part, when someone has started, and the proof of concept has been acquired, Evertol Associates provides valuation services using global standards and methods in Corporate Finance.

Some of the most important decisions a small business owner must make are related to financial analysis. If you are just getting started, you might be overwhelmed with information about what your current numbers mean, or if you have financial responsibilities such as paying off debt or covering monthly expenses like insurance premiums.

Evertol Associates offers financial analysis for small to medium scale businesses so that they understand where they are as an owner or investor of a business, just as is the culture of large-scale businesses, to help them make strategic decisions for growth and profitability.

Investopedia defines Financial Analysis as the process of evaluating businesses, projects, budgets, and other finance-related transactions to determine their performance and suitability. Typically, financial analysis is used to analyse whether an entity is stable, solvent, liquid, or profitable enough to warrant a monetary investment.

Evertol Associates does an assessment of the viability, stability, and profitability of a business, sub-business, or project; with professionals that prepare reports using ratios and other techniques, which make use of information taken from financial statements and other reports.

Evertol Associates offers bankable business planning services through GetAPlan.Africa, its business partner in all things Strategy for business. GetAPlan Africa is a planning and strategy consulting firm for business owners in South Africa and Africa, providing timely ingenious strategy to raise, grow a business, manage investments, effectively and profitably in Africa.

GetAPlan has crafted bankable strategy for diverse businesses in South Africa, Nigeria, and seven other African countries, raising R400 million in Capital.

Evertol Associates client portfolio includes Cabanga Media Group, Kupa Creative Group, Fitzgerald Mujuru Group, MULA VIP Rentals, Crunch Africa, ArtM Projects, Nsombik Group, Lindz & Anshur Breakfast Bar, Daveyton Farm, Waya Waya Tech, Funfusion Amusements, Telox Medical, Popcaan Group, and NRB Build.

You can become a client by visiting their website and signing up today!

Source: Evertol Associates, GetAPlan Africa

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