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Customer Insights from your CRM and Ad Campaigns

To effectively execute a Marketing Strategy in this day and age, a business must use a Customer Relational Management (CRM) application. 

A CRM gives you a cutting edge using the internet, for better customer service, increased sales, improved customer retention, detailed analytics, higher productivity and efficiency, centralised database of information, managed communications with prospective leads, improved customer segmentation, automated sales reports, more accurate sales forecasting, streamlined internal communications, and more.

The best CRM applications are web-based and incorporate CRM, Email Campaigns, Social Media Management, Data Analytics and Reports, Forms, Bookings and Calendar Management, all integrated to Social Media platforms and Accounting systems.

The activities of sales and marketing are there to achieve customer acquisition and retention (CAR), and this is done through marketing campaigns on digital platforms.

To effectively acquire customers a business must run sales lead generation advertising campaigns, which collect data of interested prospects, pushing the data into the CRM and from the CRM lead nurturing campaigns can be run and managed.

To get sales a business needs a marketing team that creates campaign after campaign, whether paid or organic advertising. Campaigns create relationships with new audiences and create customers and also retain them for future consumption. Create Advertising Campaign strategies that are relevant to the business, and make sure you are swift in execution as time waits for no man or business on the internet. There must always be some campaign being run on various platforms.

There are two types of important campaigns - Lead Generation and Brand Awareness. Without going into depth, lead generation campaigns bring in sales, and brand awareness campaigns market the brands image, building reputation for future consumption. It is recommended to have a 50/50 balance on these two, as that brings growth balance. Sales and Reputation are both important and must be cultivated at the same time.

With an understanding of how to optimise sales and marketing you are able to reduce advertising costs per lead from R12 per lead to R3 without having to run the lead for long. These kinds of successes have been achieved by the Kupa Creative Group (Pty) Ltd, a South African based marketing business, for business with businesses in diverse industries in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, East Africa, Egypt, and West Africa since 2019.

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Oscar Habeenzu is a Digital Marketing Maestro, certified by Google, LinkedIn, WordPress and Cabanga Media Group, reinventing himself constantly with working experience of over fifteen years, where he has worked at junior and senior levels of Digital Marketing in four countries. He is a published author of “Building a Luxury Brand, Digitally”, “The Creator Economy of South Africa”.

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